Fallout 76 Ash Rose Locations and Recipe Guide

Ash Rose is a plant consumable in Fallout 76. It is used to make tea-based drinks and healing consumables. Ash Rose can’t be planted in your camp and must be harvested from plants that generally grow in the Ash Heap.

When Ash Rose plants are nuked, they become Rad Roses that produce Yellow Cake Flux rather than Ash Rose. Consuming Rad Roses has a minimal effect and should be combined in a recipe to increase its potency.

  • Rads: 5
  • Disease Chance: 2%
  • Food: 1%
  • Weight: 0.25
  • Value: 8

Where Can I Find Ash Rose in Fallout 76

Ash Roses are generally found in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia. They are often found close to fires that dot the area. Striker Row has as many as seventeen Ash Rose plants in the vicinity and the nearby Fissure Site.


Striker Row is a great place to find Ash Rose plants, but there are definitely many other places to gather large amounts of Ash Rose. These tend to increase in difficulty with the reward. The accompanying video will show the spots and routes that I take to find Ash Roses plants.

Red Rocket Filling Station

You’ll find the Red Rocket Filling Station in the southern part of the Ash Heap. There’s a pattern here with Ash Rose in the Ash Heap. If you take the spawn point and turn directly east. You’ll see an Ash Rose directly next to s small fire on the road. Turn to the southwest, and you’ll see more small fires with three more Ash Rose plants.

AMS Testing Site

AMS Testing Site is yet another location along our tour of the Ash Heap. Taking the spawn point puts us on the road west of the facility. Turn around and grab the Ash Rose plant immediately west before heading east into the site. Find the yellow forklift hoisting a small container. There are three Ash Rose plants around it. Continue just outside the fence to find one more plant just outside the gate to the left.

Abandoned Mine Shaft 1

The Abandoned Mine Shaft 1 is in the southwest section of the Ash Heap to the west of the AMS Testing Site. From the building, there are three Ash Rose plants on the northeast side. On the backside of the pit, there are another three Ash Rose plants.

Hornwright Testing Site #2

Hornwright Testing Site #2 is far to the southwest in the Ash Heap. Take the spawn point and move forward through the fence. On either side of the red truck, you find two Ash Rose plants. Turn southeast out of the site until you see a dark plume of smoke. Near the plume of smoke are three Ash Rose plants. Now turn southwest towards the bright red rocks. There are six more Ash Rose plants close together. They are hard to spot, so take your time.


Welch is in the southwest part of the Ash Heap. It’s usually best to take the Welch Station waypoint, so you don’t start down in the business. Searching Welch will yield ten Ash Rose plants. The video above will show a route to each of the plants starting from the station.

Mount Blair Trainyard

The Mount Blair Trainyard is in the southern area of the Ash Heap. To its south, a little left of the mountain drawing on the map is a pit. There are a total of four Ash Rose plants in this pit area. There are two others just outside the pit area, and the fourth is near the front of the construction vehicle.


The town of Lewisburg is in the southern Ash Heap near the Savage Divide. Make your way up to the rooftops of the central buildings. There are many different paths up, but there are bridges that lead between most of the buildings once you are. On the rooftops, I was able to find nine Ash Rose plants.

Silva Homestead

Silva Homestead is just to the east of the river that runs down the left side of the Forest region. Across the street from the Silva farmhouse towards the river is a small garage with a settler farming the land surrounding it. There are two ash rose plants in one of the planters.

Billings Homestead

The Billings Homestead is a workshop. It’s just south of the Silva Homestead we just visited. There is a small water tower behind the main farmhouse. Between the building and the house are planters with blackberries and two Ash Rose plants.

Striker Row

Striker Row is located about as far south in the Ash Heap as you can go. There are seven Ash Rose plants in the area. From the spawn point, head straight towards the black plume of smoke. Off to your right, you’ll see a collapsed cave entrance and a single Ash Rose plant. There are two more around the cave. Heading east into the camp area, you’ll find four more Ash Rose plants.

What is Ash Rose Used For in Fallout 76

Ash Rose is an ingredient in several tea-based consumables in Fallout 76. These include Simple Ash Rose Tea and Steeped Ash Rose Tea. It is also used to create several consumable healing items like Disease Cure, Healing Salve, and Detoxing Salve.

The following chart provides a quick reference to the drinks that you can create with Ash Rose and the effects that you can expect to gain from their use.

Recipe NameIngredientsEffects
Simple Ash Rose Tea2 Wood
2 Ash Rose
2 Boiled Water
Charisma +1
Reduce Thirst by 15%
Increase Rads by 2
Restores 25 HP over 25 seconds
Duration 30 Minutes
Steeped Ash Rose Tea3 Wood
3 Sugar
3 Ash Rose
3 Boiled Water
3 Gourd Blossom
Charisma +2
Reduce Thirst by 25%
Increases Rads by 1
Restores 63 HP over 25 seconds
Duration 60 Minutes
Disease Cure2 Blight
2 Ash Rose
2 Soot Flower
1 Purified Water
Cure diseases for specific zones
Healing Salve1 Soot Flower
1 Boiled Water
1 Ash Rose
Restores 20% HP
Detoxing Salve3 Blight
2 Ash Rose
2 Boiled Water
Removes 75 Rads
Smoked Mirelurk Filets4 Salt
4 Wood
4 Ash Rose
4 Purified Water
4 Mirelurk Meat
Restores 250 HP
+30 Carry Weight
Reduces Hunger by 25%
Increases Rads by 2
Gains the ability to breathe under water
Recipes that use Ash Rose

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