Fallout 76 Carrot Flower Locations

You can find carrot flowers commonly in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. Their large and bright yellow flowers stand out against the beige background of the area.

The most efficient location for locating carrot flowers is the Palace of the Winding Path. There are over forty carrot flowers in this single location alone.

Palace of the Winding Path


I created the video above to show all carrot flower locations at The Palace of the Winding Path. It’s short and to the point. If you’re having trouble finding carrot flowers there, be sure to check out the video.

You can find The Palace of the Winding Path in the far northern region of the Savage Divide on the border to the Toxic Valley. Prickett’s Fort is to the north, and The Crater is to the northwest.

This location is easily the most efficient location for gathering a boatload of Carrot Flowers. You want to focus on the south side of the palace. There are no Carrot Flowers on the east, west, or northern flanks of the building. There are also none in the interior.

There are four distinct areas we are concerned with for gathering Carrot Flowers.

  • The path up the east side of the docks
  • Lower tier area in front of the stairs
  • Second tier
  • Third tier

From the spawn point, head southwest towards the far side of the docks. Heading north on the path, look into the flower beds that line the route.

The Lower tier is the area leading to the stairs. Combined with the path to the lower level, you should be able to find twenty-three plants.

On the second tier, you’ll want to stick to the sides where the flower beds are, and you should find another nine plants before heading up another set of stairs to the third tier.

On the third tier, you’ll find another eight plants. That brings the total to forty plants. If you had the Green Thumb perk equipped, then that is a total of eighty Carrot Flowers.

R&G Station

R&G Station is in the southern part of the Savage Divide. Foundation is to the northeast, and Site Charlie is to the north.

In the immediate vicinity surrounding the station, I was able to locate fourteen carrot flower plants. None of them were more than twenty meters from the stations. Just circle the station and keep your eyes peeled.


Sacrament is in the Savage Divide with the Palace of the Winding Path to the southwest and Prickett’s Fort to the northwest.

To the northwest of the spawn point is a crashed bi-plane. It is almost directly between Sacrament and Prickett’s Fort. I can find eleven Carrot Flower plants, all within thirty to forty meters of the bi-plane. They are not easily spotted, but they are there.

Solomon’s Pond

Solomon’s Pond is in the Savage Divide to the east of the Whitesprings Resort and north of Foundation.

There are two areas to consider when looking for carrot flowers around Solomon’s Pond. The first is the area leading to the pond from the spawn point. The second is the houses to the north.

Heading south from the spawn point down the path to Solomon’s Pond will reveal six carrot flower plants. They are along the trail itself on the north side of the pond.

From the spawn point heading north, the house on the right will yield eight carrot flower plants if you include the two further down the path to the north. The house on the left will produce another carrot flower for a total of nine.

Whitesprings Resort

The Whitesprings Resort is in the center of the map in the Savage Divide. Blackwater Mine is to the east, and Summerville is to the northwest.

From the spawn point in front of the clubhouse, if you turn to the east, it will put you in the direction of three bungalows. The first two bungalows each have two planters on the porch containing carrot flowers for a total of four plants. Note that the other houses further away to the north do not have these planters.

The Wayward

The Wayward is in the Forest and is likely one of the first places you’ll encounter when you start the game. It is southeast of Vault 76 and northeast of Flatwoods.

There are only two plants to be had here, and I wouldn’t typically include a small haul, but it’s just so convenient. The spawn point drops you facing the door to The Wayward. In concrete planters on the porch are two carrot flower plants. Quick and easy.

Overseer’s Home

The Overseer’s Home is in the Forest in the town of Sutton. Helvetia is to the east, and Sutton Station is south.

Like The Wayward, I wouldn’t usually include a location with only two plants, but it’s super convenient. On the Overseer’s Home are two planter boxes on the porch containing one carrot flower plant each.

Morgantown Station

Morgantown Station is in the Forest heading towards the Toxic Valley just west of the Morgantown Airport.

This spot is another quick, convenient location. A single carrot flower is directly ahead of you from the spawn point at the tree’s base on the station’s north side.

Camp Adams Lookout

Camp Adam’s Lookout is in the Forest. Kanawha Nuka Cola Plant is to the southwest with Poseidon Energy Plant WV-06 to the southeast.

Head north up the path to the base of the lookout, and you’ll see a single carrot flower plant in the ground near the stairs.

Sugar Grove

The Sugargrove is in the Savage Divide on the border to the Mire. Site Alpha is to the west, and Dagger’s Den is to the northeast.

Northwest from the Sugar Grove, where the bee is on the map, is a small flat plateau area. There is a group of three carrot flowers on both the east and west sides of the plateau.

Beckwith Farm

Beckwith Farm is in the Savage Divide near the border to the Forest. The Top of the World is to the north, and Middle Mountain Cabins is to the south.

Surrounding the farm, mainly near the spawn point, six carrot flower plants are within sight from atop the house’s roof. They are easy to spot without much effort from the ground.

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