Fallout 76 Cryptid Locations and Farming Guide

Cryptids are some of the most dangerous creatures in all of Appalachia. They are also some of the most elusive. I’ve taken the time to gather as many locations as I could find for each of them. This article will be a little bit of a longer post, but it should be easy to skip to the areas that most interest you.

Snallygaster Locations

Snallygasters are grotesque acid-spitting cryptids that are the result of experimentation similarly to Super Mutants. They are one of the more common cryptids that you’ll run into around Appalachia.

You will find Snallygasters at Charleston and Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go, where they are guaranteed spawns. In addition, they randomly spawn at Pylon V-13, Treetops, and The Flooded Trainyard.


Charleston is on the border between the Forest and the Ash Heap. AVR Medical is to the west, and the Charleston Capitol Building is to the east.

The first Snallygaster is close to the spawn point to the east. After taking out the first one, turn to the south and head toward the backside of the blue building.

Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go

Toxic Larry’s Meat n’ Go is in the Savage Divide right on the border of the Mire. Autumn Acre Cabin is to the west, and Berkley Springs is to the southeast.

Taking the spawn point will put you directly behind a tree. On the other side of the tree, you’ll find three Snallygasters near the shack. This spot is a guaranteed spawn.

Pylon V-13

Pylon V-13 is in the Cranberry Bog. It is to the east of the Abandoned Bog Town and west of the Old Mold Quarry.

Taking the spawn point puts you directly south of Pylon V-134Hi Bronson. Heading to the north will reveal a pair of Snallygasters. One you should be able to see immediately. The second is usually behind the tower.


Treetops is in the Mire with Big B’s Rest stop to the north and Camp Venture to the south.

From the spawn point, you should see at least one of the three possible Snallygasters directly ahead. The other two will be around the backside of the main tree.

The Flooded Trainyard

The Flooded Trainyard is in the Cranberry Bog. Watoga is to the west, and Drop Site V9 is to the southeast.

Heading directly southeast from the spawn point will lead into the center of the trainyard. Among the broken railcars and radiation barrels, you should spot the three Snallygasters in this location.

Hunter’s Shack

The Hunter’s Shack will make several appearances in this article. It is in the Mire region. With Vault 94 and Abbie’s Bunker to the northwest and northeast, respectively.

The Queen of the Hunt daily quest begins here has you investigating three nearby locations looking for cryptids. At one of the spots, you will encounter a cryptid and quite possibly a Snallygaster.

Wendigo Locations

Wendigos are the king of creepy cryptids in Appalachia. They have a Smeagol/Gollom vibe with a bit of Freddy Krueger thrown in for good measure. I’ve spent a lot of time hunting them all over the map and have found several locations that you’ll be able to find Wendigos.

The most common location for Wendigos is Abbie’s Bunker that may spawn up to three separate creatures. Additionally, you can find them at Haven Church, KMAX Transmission, Whitesprings Golf Club, The Wendigo Cave, and Freddy Fear’s House of Scares.

Abbie’s Bunker

Abbie’s Bunker is in the far northeast part of the Mire. The Gnarled Shallows is to the east, and the Highland Marsh is to the west.

Turn to the east towards the road from the spawn point and follow it south until you reach a truck and trailer suspended by vines in the trees. This spot has three separate Wendigo spawns. You won’t get all three each time, and it is possible to get none.

Haven Church

Haven Church is in the Mire south down the II-65 highway from Dyer Chemical and north from the Southern Belle Motel.

From the spawn point directly ahead, you’ll see a church and a smaller building. Enter the smaller building via the front door and hang a right towards the church. The Wendigo will be in the main church area.

KMAX Transmission

KMAX Transmission is in the south part of the Mire, almost into the Cranberry Bog. Blake’s Offering is to the east, and Dabney Homestead is to the north.

From the spawn point, head southeast towards the small fortified building. Just inside the break in the wall, you should find a Wendigo.

Wendigo Cave

The Wendigo Cave is in the Savage Divide. It is west of the Autumn Acre Cabin and south of Fort Atlas.

This location is probably the most difficult of all the Wendigo spawns because you have to go through an entire cave network full of Mirelurks and even Mirelurk Kings to get to the Wendigo near the end of the tunnels.

Whitesprings Golf Club

The Whitesprings Golf Club is in the Savage Divide near the Forest. Whitesprings Lookout is to the west, and the resort is to the east.

Take the spawn point and head directly east into the clubhouse. Go down the stairs down and hang a left. Head straight down the hall and find the Wendigo in the locker room. Note that you will need to fight an army of ferals to get to him.

Freddy Fear’s House of Scares

Freddy Fear’s House of Scares is in the Mire right on the border with the Savage Divide in the northeast corner of the map.

When you drop in at the spawn point, you’ll see the building straight ahead. Just head to the parking lot around the left side, and you should be able to see a Wendigo roaming around.

Sal’s Grinder’s

Sal’s Grinders is in the far southwest of the map within the Ash Heap. It is within the town of Beckley, south of Camden Park.

When you take the spawn point, proceed south along the road into town. Just past the barriers on the right is the entrance to Sal’s Grinders. Head to the stairs in the back of the building. In the office on the top floor, you should find a Wendigo.

Sons of Dane Compound

The Sons of Dane Compound is in the Savage divide between the Ammo Dump and Sylvie and Son’s Logging Camp to its west and east, respectively. Fort Atlas is to the southwest.

The One Silent Night event takes place here, and a named Wendigo known as the Nightstalker spawns as the final boss for the event.

Monongah Mine

The Monongah Mine is in the Savage Divide to the southwest of Sunnytop Station and the northeast of Monongah Overlook.

A Colossal Problem takes place in this location. During the event to take down Earl Williams, many Wendigos come to Earl’s aid.

Hunter’s Shack

The Hunter’s Shack is in the Mire region, far to the northeast. Vault 94 is to the northwest and, Abbie’s Bunker is to the northeast.

The Queen of the Hunt daily quest begins here. You’ll go to a couple of different locations and will eventually encounter a cryptid. A Wendigo is one of the possible cryptids that you’ll fight.

Grafton Monster Locations

Grafton Monsters are a scary-looking, headless mass of muscle. They hurl blobs of an oily substance from a distance and have strong melee attacks up close. Grafton Monsters, out of all the cryptids, are the easiest to find.

Grafton Monsters are a guaranteed spawn outside the Hornwright Industrial Headquarters, Hemlock Holes, and the Charleston Capitol Building. They are also guaranteed to be part of the Grafton Day event in Grafton.

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters

Hornwright Industrial Headquarters is located just inside the Forest near the border to the Ash Heap, bordered on the west by the Charleston Trainyard and the east by the Charleston Herald.

From the spawn point, turn to the west and drop down over the side of the bridge. In the open area, you should see a Grafton Monster wandering around.

Hemlock Holes

Hemlock Holes is in the far north of the map in the Toxic Valley region of the map. Clancy Manor is to the west, and Wavy Willard’s Water Park is to the east.

The spawn point puts you on the north side of the golf course. Head to the southeast, either over or around the building ahead to get to the field beyond. In the distance, you should see a Grafton Monster.

Charleston Capitol Building

The Charleston Capitol Building is on the east side of Charleton near the Summerville Dam in the Forest region of the map.

You should see a Grafton Monster from the ledge where the spawn point is if you look over the side to the southeast. He will most likely be fighting Scorched in the nearby building.

Hunter’s Shack

The Hunter’s Shack is in the northeast corner of the map in the Mire region. Abbie’s Bunker is to the northeast, and Vault 94 is to the northwest.

The Queen of the Hunt daily quest begins in this location. After being sent to three areas, you will encounter one of several cryptids, including the possibility of a Grafton Monster.


Grafton is in the Toxic Valley in the north of the map. It is between the Smith Farm and the Becker Farm.

The Grafton Day event takes place in Grafton. It is guaranteed to spawn a Grafton Monster as the boss.

Mega Sloth Locations

The lovable pacifists of Appalachia. The Mega Sloth is an enormous three-toed sloth. They have shaggy fur and clusters of mushrooms growing on their back. They can use these mushrooms to a significant effect when threatened.

The most common location to find the Mega Sloth is to the southwest of Mosstown in the Mire. You can also find them at an unmarked site to the northeast of Camp Venture and the Treetops.


Mosstown is in the Mire region of Appalachia. There is a fissure site near the northwest, and Dolly Sod’s Campground is to the east.

From the spawn point, turn around and head directly to the southwest. You will likely hear the Mega Sloth before seeing it. If you see a junked-out car, you’ll know you’re in the right spot, and he’s not there.

Camp Venture

Camp Venture is right on the border between the Mire and the Cranberry Bog. The General’s Steakhouse is to the southeast, and Treetops is to the north.

From the spawn point, turn to the northeast and run. If the Mega Sloth has spawned, it will be fighting a pair Yao Guai while trying to defend a Baby Mega Sloth.


Treetops is very near to Camp Venture, where we were searching for Mega Sloths. I recommend running to Treetops from Camp Venture. If you’re lucky, you’ll encounter a Mega Sloth at Treetops.

Flatwoods Monster Locations

The Flatwoods Monster is an alien-looking creature with a purple globe head and glowing eyes. A protective suit protects its body and provides a jet pack to hover above the ground. It is arguably the least common of all cryptids, but I have managed to find a few locations that it can spawn randomly.

The Flatwoods Monster is a potential spawn from the Queen of the Hunt daily quest started at the Hunter’s Shack in the Mire. Search three locations for cryptids. If you don’t get a Flatwoods Monster, switch servers before taking a tissue sample and try again.

Hunter’s Shack

The Hunter’s Shack in the Mire region to the southeast of Abbie’s Bunker and southwest of Vault 94 is home to the Queen of the Hunt daily quest. It will send you to three nearby locations searching for cryptids. One of the potential cryptids is the Flatwoods Monster. I feel like this one of the better methods for encountering a Flatwoods Monster.

Mothman Locations

The Mothman is Appalachia’s favorite cryptid. It is a combination of man and moth. It is also one of the more difficult cryptids to find. There are no guaranteed spawns for the Mothman, but I’ve seen a few locations that he spawns randomly.

The Mothman can spawn at Point Pleasant in the Forest, Moth-Home, and Blake’s Offering. You can also take part in the Path to Enlightenment at the Landview Lighthouse, and a non-hostile Mothman is guaranteed to spawn after the event.


Moth-Home is in the Mire, near Camp Venture to the southeast with Treetops to the northeast.

When you drop in at the spawn point, you face the Moth-Home camp and, if you’re lucky, will see a Mothman on a perch high above the base looking down.

Blake’s Offering

Blake’s Offering is in the Mire next to the KMAX Transmission to the west. North up the road is the Valley Galleria with Robco to the south.

Similar to Moth-Home, you should see the Mothman on a perch overlooking the camp.

Lucky Hole Mine

Lucky Hole Mine is in the Great Divide near the border with the Cranberry Bogg. Fort Defiance is to the east, and the Monorail Elevator is to the north.

From the spawn point, head straight, and if you’re lucky, you’ll see the Mothman atop the entrance to the mine.

Kanawha County Cemetery

Kanawha County Cemetery is on the western edge of Appalachia between the Billings Homestead and Ohio River Adventures.

From the spawn point, you’ll see the church ahead of you. As you approach, you will hopefully see the glowing eyes of the Mothman up in the belfry of the church.

Landview Lighthouse

Landviiew Lighthouse is in the Forest to the southeast of Vault 76 with Slocum’s Joe to the south.

The Path to Enlightenment event takes place here and is guaranteed to spawn a Wise Mothman after the event.

Sheepsquatch Locations

The Sheepsquatch is a cryptid resembling a wooly-haired hybrid of a ram and a man. They have ridiculously high hit points making them challenging to handle. Up close, they have swipe and headbutt attacks. In addition, they can bombard you with quills. I’ve noted several locations and events where they can spawn.

Sheepsquatch most commonly spawns at the Creekside Sundew Grove, Overgrown Sundew Grove, and the Sparse Sundew Grove in the Cranberry Bog. You can also find them as boss fights at the Project Paradise, Free Range, and Primal Cuts events.

Creekside Sundew Grove

Creekside Sundew Grove is the first of three sundew groves in the Cranberry Bog. This first one is north of the Bootlegger’s Shack and west of Mac’s Farm.

If the Sheepsquatch has spawned, you will likely hear it fighting something from the spawn point. If not, head into the sundews and see if he’s there.

Overgrown Sundew Grove

The Overgrown Sundew Grove is in the southeast corner of the Cranberry Bog. It is southwest of Fissure Site Prime and southeast of Survey camp Alpha.

Much like the other groves in the cranberry bog, you will likely hear the Sheepsquatch before you see him as he’ll be fighting something.

Sparse Sundew Grove

The Sparse Sundew Grove is the last in the Cranberry Bog. It is south of Lost Home and east of Firebase Hancock.

Head into the sundews from the spawn point, and you’ll find a Sheepdsquatch engaged with a fight of some kind if you’re lucky.

Scenic Overlook

The Scenic Overlook is in the southern part of the Savage Divide. It is to the northwest of Federal Disposal Field HZ-21 and northeast of Dent and Sons Construction.

Take the spawn point and turn to the south. Head straight into a small camp area. You’ll see a bunch of something fighting a Sheepsquatch. Most likely Scorched or Mutants.


Welch is in the Ash Heap in the far southwest of Appalachia. Mount Blair Trainyard is to the northeast, and Beckley is to the west.

From the spawn point, turn to the southwest headed out of town, and you should encounter a Sheepsquatch on the road towards Beckley.

Arktos Pharma

Arktos Pharma is in the Forest to the southeast of Vault 76, with Helvetia to the south.

The Project Paradise public event takes place here. A Sheepsquatch can be one of the final bosses.

Free Range

The Free Range event takes place in several different areas in Appalachia. At least one Legendary Sheepsquatch is guaranteed to be the final boss near the end of the event. There is a definite possibility that there could be two.

Primal Cuts

Primal Cuts is a seasonal public event. It takes place in each of the six regions of Appalachia. When completed in the Ash Heap, the final boss will be a Prime Sheepsquatch.

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