Fallout 76 Tato Flower Locations

Tato Flowers grow on Wild Tato Blossom plants in several regions of Appalachia. They are the primary ingredient in Steeped Tato Flower Tea that you can use to increase your intelligence. The Tato Flowers can be hard to find, but I’ve seen several locations that you can reliably gather the Tato Flowers.

Tato Flowers are typically found in large quantities in the fields at Silva Homestead and the garden outside Vault 94. They are available in smaller amounts near Charleston Station, Horizon’s Rest, Wade Airport, and Morgantown Airport.


Silva Homestead

Silva Homestead is on the western side of Appalachia in the Forest region. The Billing Homestead workshop is nearby to the southwest, and Camp Adams is to the south.

From the spawn point, head toward the house and go around to the fields on the backside. Looking south towards the farm area, you’ll see an abandoned truck in the distance. 

You should see two rows of eight Wild Tato Blossom plants south and east from the truck. Harvesting these with the Green Thumb perk equipped will yield thirty-two Tato Flowers.

Vault 94

Vault 94 is in the Savage Divide region of Appalachia. It’s far to the northeast with the Pumpkin House to the west and Freddy Fear’s House of Scares to the northeast.

The spawn point places you near the front gate outside Vault 94. Head into the gated area through a break in the fence. Alternatively, jump over if you’re able.

To the west is a small area filled with crops surrounded by a short fence. Within the garden, you’ll see thirteen Wild Tato Blossom plants. Harvesting these plants with Green Thumb will generate twenty-six Tato Flowers.

Charleston Station

Charleston Station is in the southern section of the Forest. The Giant Teapot is to the west, while Wade Airport is to the east.

At the spawn point, turn to the southeast, and you should see a sizeable cylindrical hay bail with a Wild Tato Blossom plant next to it. This field has a total of five Tato Blossom plants.

Horizon’s Rest

Horizon’s Rest is in the Forest to the east of Helvetia and south of Greg’s Mine Supply.

From the spawn point, head to the southeast up the path leading to the electrical tower. Beneath it is a small garden that has three Wild Tato Blossom plants among its residents.

There are usually a few Super Mutants near the garden area, but those living above shouldn’t be a problem.

Wade Airport

Wade Airport is a workshop in the Forest region of the map. Charleston Capitol Building is to the south, and the Summersville Docks are to the east. The latter is the spawn point that you want to take.

From the spawn point, head west until you reach the main runway right before the workshop itself. Then turn to the south keeping the two short towers on your left. At the end of the runway is a guardrail with a fence on the other side. Walk around the fencing, and you’ll find three Wild Tato Blossom plants against it.

Morgantown Airport

Morgantown Airport is in the northern portion of the Forest before crossing over to the Toxic Valley. Morgantown Station is to the west, and Eastern Regional Penitentiary is to the north.

Turn directly to the northeast at the spawn point and head past all the shipping containers; you’ll find a small but diverse garden. One of the less apparent plants here are the two Wild Tato Blossom plants.

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