Fallout 76 Fever Blossom Locations and Recipe Guide

Fever Blossoms are plants in Fallout 76 with lavender petals and light blue flowers in the center. The flowers are harvested and most often used in the Steeped Fever Blossom Tea recipe. You can also consume them directly for little benefit.

Consuming Fever Blossoms raw will fill a little over one percent of your hunger, but you will suffer five rads and have a one percent chance to contract a disease. They are certainly more helpful when combined with other ingredients to make Steeped Fever Blossom Tea. At the very least, you can sell the flowers for four caps.

  • Food: 1.25%
  • Rads: +5
  • Disease: 1% chance
  • Weight: 0.25
  • Value: 4

Where Can I Find Fever Blossoms

Fever Blossoms are general found in underground locations and complexes. There is one location above ground that I’ve seen, but it only has a single plant.


The most abundant place to get Fever Blossoms is in a location called The Deep. You will find up to twenty-one plants there, but be aware you’ll be fighting cave crickets and possibly communist NPCs as well.

The Deep

The Deep is a labyrinth of alien-looking caves that end in a communist compound. It has two separate entrances. The main entrance is northwest of the Whitesprings Golf Club and southeast of Summersville, just to the northeast of The Pigsty.  

The second entrance is about fifty meters to the northeast of the Whitesprings Lookout. You should be able to see the Whitesprings construction robots working on the fence nearby. You’ll find a wooden hatch on the ground that you can enter.

Take whichever entrance makes you happy, but the second entrance keeps you from having to swim in the dark irradiated water leading up to the main tunnels.

The Deep contains tunnels that connect two large caves. The tunnels finally lead to an enormous area that houses a secret communist compound. The tunnels are pretty linear but have a couple of dead ends. You can get turned around but not lost.

The caves and the tunnels connecting them contain eleven Fever Blossoms. Another ten Fever Blossoms are surrounding the compound for a total of twenty-one Fever Blossoms.

You’ll have to contend with Cave Crickets in the tunnels and caves and communists and robots leading up to the compound.

Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant is home to the Mothman Museum. You’ll find it on the far west side of the map near the river that runs the entire span of the map to the north and south. You’ll see the words Mothman on the map itself.

From the spawn point, cross the bridge leading into town. After crossing, immediately go to the back of the buildings and keep them on your left side.

Continue heading northeast, and you’ll find a small graveyard. Just a few meters to the southeast, at the foot of two graves with a yellow owl sign for a marker, you’ll find the only Fever Blossom plant growing above ground in Appalachia.

You’ll likely have to take out a couple of Mothman cultists, but if you stick to the route laid out above, there should only be a couple that you’ll have to handle.

Vault 94

Vault 94 is in the northeast of the map on the Mire and the Savage Divide border. The Pumpkin House is to the west, and the Red Rocket Mega Stop is to the north.

Follow signs inside Vault 94 that lead to the Atrium. It’s a large open area overrun with vegetation. On the northeast wall, you’ll find one Fever Blossom plant and another at the top of the stairs in the north corner.

You shouldn’t find too much opposition until you get to the Atrium. Once there, you’ll be faced with Mirelurks and likely a Mirelurk King or two.

Scavenger Trader

The Scavenger Trader is a randomly spawning NPC vendor. She has several locations that she can spawn around the map, usually near roadside camps or abandoned houses. She has a chance of selling Fever Blooms as part of her inventory.

What Are Fever Blossoms Used For

Fever Blossoms, when combined with other ingredients, create Steeped Fever Blossom Tea. This tea replenishes twenty-five percent of your thirst and twenty-five hit points. In addition, it grants the drinker five action point regen for sixty minutes.

Fever Blossom Recipes

There is currently only one recipe in Fallout 76 that uses Fever Blossoms—Steeped Fever Blossom Tea. It grants AP regen and is helpful in all types of builds. Add on the Herbivore perk card for double the effect.

Steeped Fever Blossom Tea Recipe

  • 1 Wood
  • 2 Boiled Water
  • 2 Fever Blossom
  • 2 Soot Flower
  • 1 Honey
  • Combine everything in a Cooking Station.


  • Rads: +1
  • HP: +25
  • AP Regen: +5
  • Duration: 60 minutes (Only the AP Regen effect lasts 60 minutes)
  • Note: Steeped Fever Blossom Tea is affected by the Herbivore mutation granting double the AP regen.

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